EPS Sandwich Panel

EPS Sandwich Panel
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Advantages for EPS Sandwich Panel

1. Anti- corrosion and no pollution

Fiberglass channels can be against the corrosion from acid, alkali, salt,sea water, sewage which is not handled, corrosion soil and corrosion from ground water and various of chemical fluid. This kind of channel have such advantages as non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, have no secondary pollution towards water and do not need to be antiseptic. According to these things, this kind of material is widely accepted in water supply and drainage industry.

2. Anti-fouling and moth resistant

The surface for fiberglass channels uses the unsaturated polyester resin to make it clean and smooth and is not easy to bu corroded by shellfish in seawater or sewage or even be polluted by fungus and other microbe. Without this protection, materials is easy to be polluted and increase the surface’ roughness and reduce the cross-section which will increase the cost for maintenance charges. If the channel have this kind of protection, it will not be polluted easily and can keep clean as its beginning for long term usage. 

3. Heat and frost resistant 

With the condition that temperature is below 30℃, it can still have such advantages as good toughness and high strength, it can be used for long term between the temperature ranges from -50℃ to 80℃. By using specially formulated resin, it can be used over the temperature of 110℃.

4. Light weight and high strength

For the reason that this kind of material has such characters as light weight and high strength, it can be transported easily.due to the reason that the proportion for this material is between 1.65 to 2.0, which is about 1/4 compared with steel. According to this factor, this material can be designed as different customers’ request to satisfy their different endurance capacity. It is also easy to install, which reduce the hoisting cost at the meantime and improve the installation speed greatly. 

5. Small frictional resistance and high transport capacity

For the inner of the channel, it is very smooth so that the roughness and frictional resistant are small, due to the is character, this material can reduce the loss for 

fluid pressure along the way to improve its transport capacity which can bring significant economic benefits to the company: with the same transport capacity, you can choose smaller diameter fiberglass channel to reduce the one- time project investment. By using the channel with the same diameter ones, because it can reduce the head lost compared with other materials to save the pump cost. Besides, using fiberglass channels will short the pumping time to reduce continuous operation costs.


6. Good Thermal Insulation

Fiberglass is a kind of idioelectric, so the channel has the advanced  insulation character. It is adapted to the usage of power transmission with excellent thermal insulation. 

7. Good wear resistance

8. Low maintenance cost

Due to the reason that fiberglass channels have such characters as anti-corrosion, abrasion and frost resistant and anti-pollution, they do not need to make rust proof,anti fouling,insulation, warm keeping and other text and repairment.  For channel which are underground, you do not need to make the cathodic protection which can save about 70% of the repairement cost.   

9. Good ability for design

Fiberglass channels can be designed as different customers’ special requests, such as according to customers’ different requests towards different rate of flow, different pressure, different depth of burial and load condition, it can be designed into different channels with different pressure levels and stiffness grades.   

10. Long service period and good comprehensive benefit

According to the laboratory simulation test, it showed that the life span for fiberglass channel can lasts more than 50 years. Comprehensive benefit consists of construction investment, cost for install and repair, the period it is used and energy saving and other factors which is formed for a long period. For the comprehensive benefits for fiberglass channels is acceptable, especially for large diameter, it will reduce much money.  

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