K Type Shipping Containe Mobile Room

The K - type room is widely used in various temporary buildings because of its simplicity, convenient transportation and security.

Product Details

Introduction to K Type Shipping Containe Mobile Room

• K type to the society launched a mobile home is my company's greenest overlay products, this product with light steel structure as the skeleton, caigang sandwich board as enclosure material, space combination in a standard module, the main components adopt bolt connection, can be convenient to assemble and disassemble.

• K type mobile product generalization, standardization and modularization design concept, fully implement the serialization development, factory production of temporary buildings, form a complete set to change supply, quick disassembling and repeated use of the advantages of many times.

• weichang k-type mobile room can be widely used in construction sites, government rehousing, municipal temporary housing, large-scale events and temporary housing for all kinds of commercial activities.

K type room product features.

• energy conservation and environmental protection -- factory production, no construction waste, low carbon and environmental protection;

• convenient transportation -- the 40-foot container can carry 300 square meters of k-type mobile room;

• quick removal and installation -- short construction period, with an average of about 120 square meters per day for 4 workers;

• flexible layout -- multiple modular combinations, arbitrary layout of internal space, flexible adjustment of door and window position;

• Security firm - level seismic intensity of 7, can resist strong winds, floor load of 1.5 kN / ㎡, roof load of 

• multiple turnover -- normally, the active room can be used for 8 to 10 years and can be used multiple times.

Floor plan restaurant, toilet, dormitory..jpgMobile home.jpgFloor plan office, conference room.jpg

Sloping   roof standard panel room.
The serial numberThe width of theThe length of thehighly
Note: board room   specification MK*NK*AP= width * length * height.
1K=1820mm   1P=950mm
Single layer =3P   double layer =6P Three layer = 9 p
General   specifications: 3K=5620mm 6K=7440mm.