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Fireproof steel construction industry indicators

Jul 06, 2016

It is understood that our fire-resistant coating, the company after 20 years of development has begun to take shape, the company developed to more than 250, but many manufacturers of fire-resistant coating, the size of the business, management level and skill levels, quality products is minimal. In many manufacturing companies, only half of the number of enterprises through the ISO9000 quality system certification. The survey found that the domestic market of fireproof coatings widespread problems: low fire performance, easy to fall off, decorative poor, unstable and poor durability and quality.

At present, many domestic steel construction, in order to achieve fire safety requirements, the owners may not have been imported fireproof coatings, fire retardant paint, although imported fire protection requirements can be achieved, but nearly 70,000 yuan a ton cost price for builders suffering unbearable statement. For fire-resistant coating, the key is reasonable formula and production process.