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How to reduce the conflict of steel column in steel structure engineering

Mar 30, 2017

The position of the steel column (or column support) in which the chemical content is the smallest. The request of the general steel column can be kept at the progress of the output. In order to make the steel column conflict can accurately echo the steel structure equipment, it is necessary to take appropriate reinforcement measures. In front of the commonly used steel column reinforcement has column support, tie rod, component support in the conflict prevention features have obvious characteristics. In the feed system with ball screw sliding screw can also receive the same replacement effect.


At present, the steel structure engineering is not a case of local adoption of steel ball screw drive. Steel structure engineering (especially open loop system of steel structure engineering) reinforcement conflict in a large extent originated from the conflict of the feed drive chain. In addition to reducing the machining error of the drive roller and the ball screw, the other primary measure is to adopt a backlash free transmission pair. For the cumulative error of the ball screw, it is generally used to compensate the equipment to make up the screw pitch.


In order to further reduce the number of steel structure engineering and anti - conflict, should wear resistance steel structure with sufficient thought zero element in the design, especially the wear resistance of the important engineering track, servo axis machine components etc. the reaction speed of the. In the process of application, it is necessary to ensure the smooth and good components of the steel structure engineering.

Steel structure of the steel column processing, auxiliary work (non chip cutting time) has a larger ratio. To further improve the productivity of the project, it is necessary to take the initiative to maximize the constraints of tightening efforts. There have been few eyes adopted multi axis CNC Engineering, multi tool, and take the initiative to change knife knife library, in order to reduce the tool change time. The steel column structure must be beneficial to the wind resistance requirements of the steel structure project with long chip amount.