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Influence of Steel structural members on Building installation

Jun 20, 2018

Each building is composed of a variety of different components, and the role of each component is different. Just now the component has become the main component of many building structures, each member has a different role. The construction of steel structure is mainly composed of steel columns, steel beams, steel roof truss, steel roof, wall, but also includes some other parts. Let's explore how the main components of the steel structure project affect the quality of the whole structure.

Steel structure diagram.png

In the steel structure engineering, the most common main members include steel columns and steel beams, which is a large part of the support and load bearing, and the composition of the structure is an important part. The steel column can be divided into solid web column and lattice column. The section of the lattice column is divided into two limbs or multiple limbs, and each limb is connected by splice or board, and the steel consumption is less when the load is larger and the column body is wider than that of the column, the full web column has the integral section, the most commonly used section is the H-shaped section, and the section of the lattice column is divided into two limbs or multiple limbs.

The steel beam has the shape steel beam, the composite beam is divided. Steel beams can be used in the crane beams, working platform beams, floor beams in multi-storey buildings, purlins in roof structures, and so on. The shape steel beam is made of hot rolled I-beam or channel steel. The shape steel beam is simple in processing and cheap in cost, but the section size of section steel is limited by certain specifications. When the load and span are large and the section of section can not meet the requirements of strength, stiffness or stability, the composite beam is adopted.

Composite beams are welded or riveted by steel plates or sections. Due to riveting cost material, welding is often the main. The commonly used welded composite beams are H-shaped section and box section composed of upper and lower flange plates and web plates. The latter is more expensive and the manufacturing process is more complicated, but it has higher bending stiffness and torsional stiffness. It can be used in the case of high requirement of lateral load and torsion or limited beam height.

The main components of steel structure engineering are that different materials can be chosen to build and form, and the natural properties and quality of different materials are different, and different types of factory buildings can also be built, such as multi-story steel structure engineering. Light steel structure engineering, brick-concrete structure factory building and other types of buildings, only to control the quality of relevant components, can improve the overall structure of the installation quality.