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Installation Tips steel plant construction

Jul 06, 2016

Now steel structure plant purchased by the plant in column H steel plate processing or assembled, if it is readily available H-beam machining, manufacturing precision column simple manipulation; if the plate is assembled, after the assembly, welding to attention to shaping the steel columns, steel columns in order to ensure the straightness and prevent distortion. Roof Beam Most human-shaped structure, generally by 2 or 4 Pin Pin assembled. Roof beams are generally made from sheet metal used for manufacturing assembly, and the web of the beam is generally irregular quadrilateral, skills, abilities and strong manufacturers of loft under the material web can accurately grasp the skills and abilities of the manufacturers of thin webs loft scale but has an error. Because the shape of the roof beam scale, beams and columns related to the convergence of rigor, web-scale direct impact on the shape of the beam scale, it is particularly important. In planning the general steel construction plant, the beams of the roof there is a certain general bagging request, it is intended to offset all means, the beam itself and the roof due to the effect of load and deflection under attack, so just to reach the device scale. The resolution was introduced by bagging height planning. To ensure Arching roof beam shape but also make a certain adjustment scale, from this perspective, the difficulty of making the beam much larger than the difficulty of making the column. When we view the site, the dimensions and shape of the beam beam end plate convergence point for viewing the project, namely, the intention is to ensure that the effect of the device after all, to ensure tightness between the beams and columns.