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Light steel structure

Jul 06, 2016

Steel is a vague term, generally there are two kinds of understanding. One is the current "design of steel structures" (GBJ 17-88) in Chapter 11, "bar, small angle light steel structure" refers round and less than L45 × 4 and L56 × 36 × 4's light steel angle steel production, mainly for lack of year when the steel structure should not use a small structure made of reinforced concrete, has basically not using, so the design of steel structures has been substantially amended tendency removed. Another is a single solid web portal frame structure with light roof and exterior wall light (to be conditionally employed masonry facades) "door frame light steel structure housing Technical Specification" under, here mainly refers to light envelope are made of light materials. Since the former is almost canceled, so now Strut meaning mainly refers to the latter.