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Steel construction methods attic

Jul 06, 2016

Channel floor most crucial thing is the fixed ends of the channel. There are three main fixed way: one is to make a wall with angle and lock screw with swelling in the wall, and then use the channel is fixed in the above, it is possible to choose fixed anchorage practices. This approach is limited to two walls are load-bearing walls might just beamed through local, fixed to the wall with screws swelling, swollen from the screw does not exceed 200MM. The other one is the first to make a hole in the wall, then reached into the channel wall by the channel wall directly bear weight. This approach may be limited load-bearing walls thick shear wall. Another approach is the direct vertical channel to another channel support horizontal, the vertical channel to be fixed to the wall. This way to think about the orientation of the channel where the vertical load-bearing ability of the floor, should be distributed multi-point support, do not put in a small amount of force will be set up to accept the channel, the third approach requires selection of channels, rather than the first One approach, as with the angle on the line. Normally fixed to the top two longest, if not the longest two parallel fixed laying conditions, it is possible with a minimum of two laying.