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Steel corrosion engineering Introduction

Jul 06, 2016

Airless skills has the following characteristics: high-pressure airless paint sprayer with high pressure eruption atomized into fine particles uniformly dispersed in the outer workpiece to form a smooth, dense coating with excellent surface quality, which It is brushing original way unmatched. Selection of high-pressure airless spray atomization eruption that made a strong kinetic energy particle coatings, anti-corrosion paint particles whereby the kinetic energy of the work space shoot them, thus making the coating more dense, with the workpiece mechanical bite force, adhesion, progress, Useful coating extending life expectancy. The skill in the paint saving advantages more outstanding: air spray due to air in the workpiece surface to bounce out of the anti-corrosion paint, coating efficiency is reduced. Without gas spraying, can obtain a uniform coating, air spray small rebound than useful utilization of paint is high, relative to other coating approach can save 10-30% paint. Artificial brushing coating thickness is uneven, particularly for high viscosity anti-corrosion paint. High-pressure airless spray equipment skills have various series of cooperation in different production needs, a large pneumatic and electric airless sprayer capable of mass production of the required satisfaction. And small sprayer whether cooperation is still small production as a field repair purposes, have shown good mobility.