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Steel works, regardless of the nature of the kingdom

Jul 06, 2016

Has been widely used in developed countries, it is known as the main representative of green buildings. Foundation costs provincial, used for construction area, high-quality construction, adapted to industrialization and standardization of production, can dry green construction, adapted to different climatic conditions, from construction to seasonal effects, integrated and low cost, at the same time, steel also reduce construction waste pollution of the environment, in the whole life cycle can be recycled and so on. Steel construction in line with the development direction of energy saving and recycling economy, is one of the urban structure with minimal environmental impact.

Domestic green building refers to the entire life cycle of the building, to maximize the conservation of resources, the proportion of the total amount of steel building more than 30%. Development of steel industry has a huge space. We demand from the market, respectively, accounting for two steel angle steel market capacity is expected to be steel industry is estimated to create Chinese manufacturing into China.