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Ten advantages of steel construction

Jul 06, 2016

Steel used in the construction of a very wide range, such as steel bridges, steel housing, steel gate, a variety of large-scale container pipes, high-rise buildings and towers rail agencies. IMC steel net below summarizes the performance of 10 major advantages:

Shock resistance: low-rise villas roof mostly sloping roof, so the roof structure basically is made of cold-formed steel members made of triangular roof truss system, light steel structural member after the seal plate and finished gypsum board, forming a very strong "plate rib structure system", which has a stronger seismic structural system and the ability to resist lateral loads applied to the seismic intensity of 8 degrees above areas.

Wind resistance: steel structure building light weight, high strength, good rigidity, deformation ability. Only one-fifth the weight of buildings of brick and concrete structure, resistant to 70 meters per second hurricane, so that life and property can be effectively protected.