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The difference between light steel and heavy steel

Jul 06, 2016

Determination of heavy steel structure and light steel structure does not have a uniform standard, many experienced designers or project managers often do not fully understand that, but we can consider some of the data and to be judged: Tall Steel Structures

1, weight lifting plant traffic: not less than 25 tons, can be considered as a heavy steel. 2. The amount of steel per square meter: not less than 50KG / M2, can be considered heavy steel. 3. Plate thickness main components: not less than 10MM, less use of light steel. In addition, there are some reference value: the cost per square meter as the maximum component weight, the maximum span, structure, higher eaves, whether when these heavy steel or lightweight steel to provide empirical data to judge the plant, of course, many buildings are now light and heavy steel has. But there is something we can be more certain that the heavy steel: such as: petrochemical plant facilities, power plants, large-span stadiums, exhibition centers, high-rise or super high-rise steel structures.