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The importance of light steel building design

Jul 06, 2016

Steel Engineering among many factories but in using light steel architectural design. Light steel structure engineering in the design stage, to consider to manufacturing, installation elements smoothly the construction phase, in the processing, the installation phase, but also to consider the various design assumes the design stage, all aspects of strict validation. This request is legitimate to do, loose design, installation tests, to prevent the onset of the quality incident.

Steel tensile, compressive strength is relatively high, a small cross-section member, lighter weight, good structure and function, the establishment of fast progress, cleaning up the environment is small, because structural steel works and practical ways and a variety of places, such as the way the structure: Column , beam, truss, just planes, arch, grid, suspension and the like. Practical places such as: industrial plants, high-rise buildings, sports stadiums, steel houses, bridges and all kinds of public buildings. Especially the Beijing Olympic venues, establishment of the Shanghai World Expo venues, steel works using a large number of broad, fully demonstrated the characteristics and advantages of steel. Although a large number of broad project promoting the use of steel, but steel structure engineering design, and construction of a number of simple results and technical problems have not been aware of a deep understanding.