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What are the advantages and disadvantages of light steel structure housing?

Mar 28, 2017


Good structural performance, light weight and high strength, good seismic performance;

Steel can be recycled, more energy-efficient than masonry, concrete;

Factory processing, quality assurance;

Light weight, low cost of foundation;

Short duration;

There is no wet work, no dust, sewage and other pollution;

The structure is small, the column is very thin, the wall is very thin, and the construction area is large


Skilled workers are required to install;

The cost may be slightly expensive;

Heavily dependent on industrial facilities, such as prefabricated panels, roof panels, wall insulation materials, fire materials. China is now popular in the form of concrete, masonry structure, the wall is basically wet masonry site, and light steel structure requires dry prefabricated wall panels;

The need for decoration materials, device and method of matching, such as the water heater, air conditioner, method of installing frame on prefabricated wall panel and method of installation in the masonry wall now is very different, for example, pressure plate floor waterproofing insulation practices etc.;

The need for regular maintenance, because of the durability of steel or concrete as concrete, not so forceful"

Author: pig small treasure

Source: know almost