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Activity Room Moisture Resistance Analysis

Jul 06, 2016

This seal can be cut off in the outdoor moisture into the interior, while avoiding harmful substances in the atmosphere outside the corrosion of metallic materials, it can also exclude the indoor moisture. The whole wall has become used plasterboard wall can breathe. Respiratory paper and a damp proof membrane can guarantee the metal product in a sealed, dry space more long life, but also allows the indoor air is more dry. In the roof, cotton insulation with aluminum foil veneer can be completely isolated from humid air to enter, avoid direct exposure to the metal structure corrosion in outdoor environments. Current activities installation situation room of the villa from the market point of view, and now the activity room of the board has a good fire proof performance, today small to give you a brief introduction. Fire resistance of the solid member national fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire-resistant component quality monitoring center, activity room plate with double-sided double-layer fire-resistant gypsum wall board experiments, load-bearing walls can reach 122 hours