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Advantages And Application Of Steel Corrosion

Jul 06, 2016

Since the steel corrosion has good mechanical properties, bearing strong performance, easy manufacture, easy to use industrial production, construction and installation period is short, sealing, etc., in the national economy has been a large number of applications, such as large span structures, lightweight steel structure corrosion, high-rise building plates and shells. However, steel corrosion during service, and it is easy to occur between the media environment of chemical, electrochemical or physical action, the material damage caused by the deterioration and steel corrosion failure, it is often referred to as steel corrosion corrosion .

  Moreover, steel corrosion due to an accident caused by corrosion endanger the safe operation of the structure. Corrosion caused by catastrophic accidents are common, very serious consequences, especially welded steel corrosion and withstand greater stress steel corrosion under the condition, since under stress, corrosion will be greatly accelerated, the so-called stress corrosion problems, in the steel corrosion damage is very common. For example, a bridge structure or a roof truss structure height due to severe corrosion problems have to be rebuilt, otherwise, it will have serious consequences, of course, economic investment is quite large, and now the construction of a large-scale domestic steel corrosion bridges, will cost At least hundreds of millions of yuan.