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Building Installation Labor Service

Oct 10, 2017

As the navigator of new era architecture, steel structure is popular not only for price, but also for ideas, environmental protection and related political elements.To this end, Qingdao senwang steel has strongly supported the leadership of the CPC central committee, and has established the world's win-win banner in every corner of the world.Advocate big love a win-win world, Qingdao's prosperous steel structure installation personnel to Papua New Guinea and long organization didactics, to the economic development of Papua New Guinea, strive hard for the local people have a house to live.And now we're using prehistorical powers...

Installation case:Papua New Guinea plant+Government housing

Construction site:Papua New Guinea

Structure system: Portal Frame 

Area covered:23800㎡

Building size:Steel structure workshop:54m*20m*6m 17 sets

                  Government housing: 10.5*6.8*3m  30sets

Materrial:Main frame Q345B steel,Secondary frame Q235 steel

Surface treatment:Twice mid-grey anti-rust paint

Roof:0.5mm V820 color-coated steel sheet

Wall:0.5mmV840 color-coated steel sheet

Door :EPS sandwich panel sliding door,EPS sandwich panel swing door

Window:Louver window

Structure characteristics:High and low stride building,the eave height of the high part is 11m.

Steel structure workshop.jpg

Let's watch the live broadcast.

What do you think of the site installation?

Construction site.jpg

or like that ?

Construction site(2).jpg

NO   NO    NO .......That is my colleague who are working in Papua New Guinea 

them living 

Construction site (1).jpg

Construction site (2).jpg

them life

Construction site life (1).jpg

Construction site life (2).jpg

Them Work ........

Work (1).jpg

Work (2).jpg

Work (3).jpg

The son of senwang steel describes the great love anddedication of the Chinese people with the step of taking off. The customer says that a Chinese worker can replace the workload of three of our local people.Oh, the diligence of China's friends is not covered...Expect our project to be completed soon, and the friends will soon triumph!!!!!