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China State Construction: Chinese Prefabricated Building Technology Help Customer Save Budget In Many Countries

Jul 04, 2017

China State Construction:

Chinese prefabricated building technology help customer save budget in many countries

Stand up in China State Construction Company headquarter office, Shenzhen Bay view is widely covered in eyes. As the local company in Shenzhen, China state construction company(CSCEC) follow China national strategy “The Belt and Road”--- short as “B&R”, CSCEC project widely covered 15 countries, their steel construction products export to developed country as USA, Japan and Austria.

Build China Construction Brand

“CSCEC foreign market extend step by step, already cover middle-east, north-Africa, South-east Asia and Austria, get very good reputation from local customer. We will increase step by step in the next year.” CSCEC Vice managing director Xu Chongliang said so.

About B&R, He said that CSCEC already build some world famous on B&R such as Abu Dhabi International Airport, Pakistan Karachi International Airport, Algeria International Airport, 300 meters high National Bank of Kuwait and 430 meters high Malaysia Signature Tower. 

In 2015, CSCES group become China only top company with 10 billion level in anniversary sell(CNY) and 1 million ton steel structure products sell.

Dance with international strong competitors in the same stage, in the construction of steel with strength, to win customer trust, get more voice.

Construction of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal, so that in the construction of steel industry in the international industry fame. The largest steel structure of the main building roof of the main span of a single span of 180 meters, the highest international construction steel structure volley span the longest new record. Because of this, the terminal building industry as "the world's design, construction of the most difficult, the highest degree of complexity," one of the works, roof steel structure unloading is the most critical construction process.

Initially, from the United Kingdom, Australia, Serbia, Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, more than 10 different countries, the composition of the assessment team of experts, the proposed steel construction in China with the production of two-way control of the hydraulic jack, Hinge mounts are questioned, requiring the use of European companies to be extremely expensive and difficult to implement the program. China Construction Steel has been revised several times to review, the meeting review, clarify 246 external units made written comments, and after repeated uninstall actual combat exercises, and ultimately won the national experts recognized.

"Going out" is not only the quality of technology competition, or the standard "going out" and contest. Xu said that at present, the international mainstream steel industry standard is the European standard, British standard, American standard. Pakistan Beibutuo Airport Terminal project design using the US standard, but by the steel construction, the airport design can use the national standard material, significantly reduce costs and shorten the duration. In the persuasion of the owners units, design units, the construction of steel invited to the owners, supervision and design delegation to the domestic factory inspection, the parties signed on-site GB replacement documents and the major manufacturers and materials suppliers submissions, Alternative American Standard Classic Case.

  Bring to China management, into the local, the benefit of the local. China Steel said the relevant person in charge, do a good job cross-cultural management, but also enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises an important means. China Construction Steel each overseas project, employees are a small "United Nations", cultural differences are huge. China and the United States to build a domestic organization to learn foreign knowledge, foreign employees to learn Chinese culture and corporate culture concept, the organization of Chinese and foreign friendship, cross-cultural forums, academic exchanges and other activities to achieve mutual understanding and trust between Chinese and foreign employees.

To achieve local operations, can reduce overseas operating costs, expand local employment, access to local social trust, recognition. Pakistan Islamabad Beibutu airport terminal project, the peak of nearly 300 local workers and Chinese workers in continuous combat. This is not only to solve a large number of employment problems, and "Chinese master" with foreign apprentice, a large number of local farmers to cultivate construction skills workers.

Facing the future, China Construction Steel is implementing a multi-service portfolio, multi-mode development and multi-capital operation of the development strategy, and actively promote high-end contractors to product developers, industrial integrators change, and strive to become the world's most competitive steel structure Industrial group, business model from the initial single labor export into foreign EPC general contracting, engineering contracting, product export, service consulting a combination of diversified business model.

Steel structure Building bank

Steel structure Building bank

Steel structure Building bank