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Color Steel Structure Roofing Sheel

Dec 27, 2017

his week ,I learned about raw materials with the help of manager and Miya .The raw material is color steel sheet and sandwich panel . The color steel sheet and sandwich panel is mainly used for steel structure workshop ,steel structure warehouse, steel prefab house, steel building ,steel shed,Harager ,farm shed, container house ,garage and so on .

The sandwich panel consists of panel(color steel sheet) and insulation material .The surface of the panel is covered with galvanized sheet oraluminium zinc plate . Their advantage function is prevention of rust .Sometimes it is painted on the surface for beauty and rust .

The panel used for roofing panel has V-840 ,V-820 .It’s worth noting that fiberglass felt into a sandwich panel should be done on the site .

The panel used for wall panel has V-950,V-960,V-900. 

The insulation material has EPS ,fiberglass ,rock wool ,and PU sandwich panel .


The EPS sandwich panels consist of foam plastics ,which are used for temporary buildings because of poor fireproof performance .

The fiberglass sandwich panel consist of non-combustible structure fiber glass . It is a combination of fire protection ,thermal insulation and noise insulation .

The main material of rock wool sandwich panel is a basalt rock wool panel. Basalt, iron ore, bauxite, etc. as the main raw material, by high temperature melt processing and adding suitable amount of binder into artificial inorganic fiber .It has light quality, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, absorption of heat, the characteristics of non-combustible .Its fireproof performance is better than fiberglass sandwich panel .But it’s heavier than fiberglass sandwich panel ,easy to be affected with damp and not easy to recover .

The last sandwich panel is PU that is more expensive and better than the other three sandwich


panel.PU sandwich panel beautiful shape, the overall effect is good . I t integrating bearing, thermal insulation, fire prevention, waterproof , convenient installation, short construction period, is a kind of widely used, potential energy efficient building palisade materials. It is advo cated by the ministry of construction and promotion of a new type o f energy-saving plates.

All in all ,I learned a lot about sandwich panel this week .And I believe


the sandwich panel will be widely used .