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Company's Spring Tour In 2020-mountaineering

May 12, 2020

Although affected by the epidemic in 2020, everyone has been working hard to resume work for nearly two months to ease the pressure and tension of employees. While protecting them, everyone will come to the spring activities together late, climbing Qingdao Xianger Mountain Full and energetic! I hope everyone loves work and life!



May you love your life after working hard and you will still be a teenager


The mountain is very tired, the mountain top scenery will be more beautiful, I hope you will always maintain a progressive heart, ascend the horizon


Going down the mountain quickly, I hope you can take every step in a down-to-earth manner and keep your pace


At leisure, of course, we will pay more attention to protecting the environment.Of course, you will pay more attention to protecting the environment.


Let us make a toast together and work hard, wishing good results in 2020


Qingdao Senwang, we are a warm and united family. We hope that you can realize your dreams on our platform, follow the leadership and the company to embark on a career path, and work together to create our common achievements!