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Completion Of Delivery Of H-section Steel From Ghanaian Customers

Jun 20, 2018

On June 16-19, 2018.06.16-19, we sent our customer ordered H-shaped steel to Ghana. I also went through the process of delivery on the spot. The workers had already packed the H-shaped steel to be shipped according to different specifications long before the shipment

Steel structure packaging.jpg

Then, when the packed goods are hoisted inside the container using line lifting equipment, this greatly reduces the time spent in hoisting the H-shaped steel inside the container, thus ensuring the speed of shipment. Before hoisting H-shaped steel into a container, there will be a special person responsible for calculating how many pieces of H-shaped steel should be loaded in each container and then loading it to the specified weight of the goods, Weigh the vehicle to make sure that each container is loaded with enough cargo and not overweight, and in each container we use wire ropes to reinforce all the H-shaped components. Increased safety of containers transported by sea

Steel structure strengthening.jpg

Finally, according to my understanding on the spot, the surface layer of this batch of H-section steel is treated by hot dip galvanization. Hot dip galvanizing is now a common and effective anticorrosion way of metal. The bottom surface simply introduces the process of hot galvanizing.

1. It takes about 2-3 hours to remove the rust from the surface layer of the H-shaped steel by using hydrochloric acid to first put it in the pickling tank.

2. It takes about 5-10 minutes to hoist the H section steel finished by acid pickling into the galvanizing pool, so that the H section steel is fully immersed in the zinc layer.

3. The galvanized H-section steel is lifted out of the galvanizing pool and placed in the cooling tank.

4. After cooling the H-beam from the cooling tank, we put the H-beam in the passivation tank for passivation to prevent corrosion during long periods of transportation.

5. After passivation of H-section steel, the whole galvanizing process is basically completed, and the last thing left is that there may be zinc slag in the galvanizing process, and we will arrange for workers to polish the zinc slag. After finishing, the H-shaped steel can be packed.