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Fire Safety Of Steel Structures

Jul 06, 2016

Currently, high-rise steel buildings is increasing, especially in some high-rise building, with steel material more widely. Once a high-rise building fire accident, the fire can be extinguished in a short time is not, which requires us to building design, construction materials increase fire protection, to enhance fire resistance, and to develop the necessary emergency inside the building programs to reduce casualties and property losses.

Steel is a building material does not burn, it has a seismic, flexural properties. In practice, the relative increase in both steel load capacity of the building, but also to meet the needs of the construction design aesthetic styling, but also to avoid the concrete and other building materials can not be bent, stretched defect, and therefore subject to the steel construction industry's favor, single-layer, multi-layer, skyscrapers, factories, warehouses, waiting rooms and airport terminals, such as the use of steel are very common. However, the steel as a building material and there are some unavoidable defects in fire prevention, its mechanical properties, such as porosity, temperature increases due to a sharp decline in the yield point, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity.