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Normal Activities Of Standard Design

Jul 06, 2016

Choi activities of the steel used in the construction of temporary site offices, dormitories, temporary exhibition space, with wind, seismic, thermal insulation, noise, heat, moisture and other characteristics, and easy assembly and disassembly, short duration installation. Peace gable roof color plate activity rooms are divided into single and double, average quality and performance for the earthquake seven, wind 11, second-floor load-bearing 150kg / square meter, the service life of more than a decade. Color plate activity room light of its own weight, a truck can load 6 tons 80M2 color board room all member suitable for short-distance transport, long-distance transport will increase the cost. To achieve the green energy, fast and efficient architectural concept, the temporary buildings had a common standardized development, integration, production, supply and support, etc., it is difficult to control in terms of inventory turnover and Suzhou World Color is also the use of advanced technology has been well control.