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Prefabricated Building Will Open Their Fast Increase On Market

Jun 21, 2017

         This Monday, Chinese A-Stock market, prefabricated building stock index rise up 3.6%, the only stock that rise more than 3% in A-stock market. Currently many Chinese province support their local prefabricated building market by policy, capital put their attention on it too, local investor give this market a hug expectation in future.

  From last Thursday, prefabricated building index start to rise quickly and largely. China Beijing, Shanxi, Fujian, Hunan, Weihai, Fuzhou and Xian city, pronounced their government plan on support prefabricated building, some city already post their solution to market. The fastest city is Beijing, their local government give fastest, biggest and most detailed support.

      Bebei Province government website put one documents on 14 June 2017, said that to hold out Beijing Non-capital function, build Beijing Xiongan district, till 2020 year, the prefabricated building proportion will rise to 20% of all new building, inside, steel structure prefabricated building will cover at least 10%. 

China Guoan Securities(Stock:002736) researcher Huang Junwei said, building industrialization is the future trends, will not change by personal mind. Chinese population structure, china the last 30 years industrialization, aged tendency population, all this will push prefab building market become bigger and bigger. The prefab buildings with fast installation, high performance on resist wind, earthquake, long life, none pollution during installation advantage, could be meet future green building need, Huang estimated that in the future 10 years, Hebei Xiongan district prefab building market will increase into 2.1 billion US dollars.