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Public Welfare Project-Malawi Hospital

Jun 25, 2018

Malawi full name: Republic of Malawi,Located in southeastern Africa, it is a landlocked country surrounded by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia, covering an area of 118000 square kilometers and a population of 15.118 million. Malawi is named after Lake Malawi, which is the third largest lake in the world, with an area of 30,000 square kilometers and the deepest water of more than 700 meters. There are many unique freshwater fish species in the world.

Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world and is heavily dependent on international assistance. The main economic crops include tobacco, coffee, tea, cotton and sugar cane. Tobacco is its most important cash crop, tobacco related industries absorb 70% of the national labor force employment, and tobacco is Malawi's largest source of foreign exchange, accounting for 60 percent of the national foreign exchange income, mainly sold to Europe.

Malawi was once a British colony and remained in the Commonwealth after independence. It was deeply influenced by Britain. The administration, judiciary, education and so on adopted the British model. Britain is still the most important donor country. More than 70 percent of the country's residents believe in Christianity and 20 percent of the population believe in Islam. Businessmen of Indian, Pakistani and Lebanese ethnic groups have a strong economic strength and occupy a dominant position in many economic fields.

The economic field occupies a dominant position. Malawi is an overrun of fear, with 2/3 people living with AIDS and very limited medical care there. There are three types of hospitals in Malawi: one is a public hospital, with public hospitals in each region; the second is a church hospital, assisted by Christian or other churches abroad; and the third is a private hospital and clinic. The first two hospitals are very popular with the common people. In particular, public hospitals, generally in the urban center, each patient has a yellow medical records, when sick with it to the hospital. You can't imagine seeing a doctor in a public hospital without paying a penny, and even simple food is free while in hospital. Here, Africans usually have a poor standard of living and have to go to hospitals regularly. It is strange that this country can afford it. The second is the church hospital, which generally serves the local people in remote mountainous areas, and patients only have to bear a small amount of medical expenses. For private hospitals, it is basically a place where employees, private bosses, see a doctor. But they see a doctor basically on the basis of medical insurance. Malawi's health insurance is similar to our social security rather than commercial insurance. In Malawi, some units can buy the whole family when they buy social security.

Our client is a little old man in his 50s from Italy. Why call it a little old man? the customer is in his 50s, but we can't find any trace on his face. He set up the rescue station for Malawi himself to save local refugees and spread more medical knowledge for them. This is not his first aid station. He also has schools, hospitals and so on in Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

This project is the first project that we cooperate with, and it is also a public welfare project of Senton Company. Get the customer's praise, at this time we can very clearly feel what is called a rose, hands have aftertaste. After a long journey the goods finally arrived in Malawi after 60 days. The customer was very happy after receiving the goods. The responsible person of Malawi also said that he would like to express his thanks to us by naming a section in Qingdao, Senwang Steel. We were also very moved by this.

Our praise is not only for this project in Malawi, but also for many other projects, and for other projects we have never stopped.

After the small editor said that in the future we will increase our efforts to build more social welfare projects, in recent years, Sen Wang's development is getting better and better, our achievements can not be separated from the support of a large number of customers, We can do and can only through more public welfare projects to repay the community, our door can not achieve results can not be separated from every employee, thank them for their efforts. Time will prove that our efforts are worth it.