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The Contribution Of The Steel Structure Prefab Workshop Warehouse To The Human Beings

Nov 01, 2017

Long, housing construction in China is given priority to with concrete structure, concrete structure housing mainly adopts wet field manual operation, the low production efficiency, long construction period, high energy consumption, serious pollution, hard to ensure quality and performance, short life cycle.

In the 1990s, China began to develop steel structure, and the emergence of steel structure housing was a great contribution to our human habitation, reducing the pressure of living environment.

Over the years, China's residential construction data show that the number of construction waste in China has accounted for nearly 40% of the total urban garbage.

According to the rough statistics of construction materials such as masonry structure and reinforced concrete structure, the construction waste generated by our town is up to 400 million tons per year.

Steel structure housing reduced the production of bricks, sand traditional building materials such as lime, cement and excavation damage to the environment, construction waste, construction dust and noise is greatly reduced, easy renovation and demolition, material recycling and utilization high, many developed countries as a reserve steel important way.

Residential construction is a major source of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for about 40% of the total energy consumption.

According to the study of professional institutions, the carbon emission of reinforced concrete residential materials is 740.6 kg/m2, while the carbon emission of steel structure housing materials is 480 kg/m2, which is reduced by about 35%.

Reduce water consumption unit value added of industry, reduce the unit GDP energy consumption, lower unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the cultivated land footprint, reduce the total discharge of major pollutants, in the steel structure housing and the 12th five-year plan is closely related to five indicators of environmental and resource binding.

With the development of economy and the acceleration of the integration of urban and rural areas, the population of China is much smaller.

Saving energy and reducing carbon emissions is a top priority.

In the future, under the 12th five-year policy plan, the steel structure housing construction will be widely used, which is conducive to the improvement of our living environment