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Various Activities Of The Structural Performance

Jul 06, 2016

Housing activity in our country experienced a transformation of development. Various techniques and applications continue forward, the construction technology is also constantly improving. Prefabricated houses Price Market awareness is to get a comprehensive upgrade. This is exactly the result of activities of the board as fast, the reason why.

The main activity room structure and properties of the following categories:

Appearance: Do not have obvious cracks uneven situation, the activities of colors consistently.

Fire performance: activity room to see if the wires are hidden in the fire pipe, steel sandwich panel inside and outside two layers of metal if there are broken along, do not expose the middle of the insulation layer.

Door structure: sliding doors and windows to see if flexible, roof, windows, walls, floors not have leakage phenomenon.

Roof Truss: Make sure roof truss angle iron welding firm, no sealing off, no rust, firmly.

Roofing: roofing tile to ensure no damage, cracks, no leaks occur.

Truss Floor: floor truss welding firm, no sealing off, no rust situation