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With The Cool Autumn Wind, Climbing!!!

Sep 25, 2016

  Autumn wind brought cool and make the summer heat away from us. The air is very fresh in Fushan on Saturday. The morning breeze brings the fragrance of flowers and trees.

   Our company organized a collective mountain climbing this Saturday.On the one hand this play can exercise the body and enhance physical fitness, on the other hand the group activities like this can increase the feelings of everyone , and improve their work enthusiasm.

   every step I tell myself, I can ! It's only one step away from the top of the mountain,we just need to work a little bit harder.

   Believe in yourself and you can do it.

   Finally all the staff arrived at the peak.

Fushan has been conquered by Senwang

The staff of different style on the road

This photo is called beauty and mountain

The people who is trying to climb.

Share the food after reaching the top of the mountain

      We will keep the spirit of climbing in our work,not afraid of difficulties, finish every job seriously.

       Qingdao Senwang Steel Structure Building Stock Co.,Ltd warmly welcome friends from all over the world.