Commercial Chicken House

Commercial Chicken House
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Advantages of Commercial Chicken House:

a. Good quality, service life reach 10~15 years;

b. Easy to operate, easy to install and disassembly;

c. Save time and labor, one broiler shed just need one worker;

d. Save feed and water, raise survival rate;

e. Engineers oversea service, we can send our engineers to your location for equipment installation guidance&debugging;

f. Free samples before placing the order, but we don't pay for the freight;

g. Quick response to your questions, best solutions to chicken raising, layout drawing for poultry shed construction and equipment installation;

h. Prompt reply to clients after-sale.

Item NameMaterials CharacteristicsMaterial GradeSurface Treatment
Steel ColumnH shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheetQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel beamH shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheetQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel BracingSteel Rod,Steel Pipe,Angle SteelQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel PurlinC or Z purlins(Thickness1.8mm~3.0mm)Q235B,Q345BHot dip Galvanized
External Wall panels,Roof panelsSingle colorful corrugate steel sheet,sandwich panels with EPS,Rock wool,PU.Galvanized Steel+PaintingAlu-zin 150g,Fluorocarbon pain
Steel buildings DoorSlidding or Rolling doorSteel or Aluminum sheetPaint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel buildings WindowsAluminum alloy-Glass,Aluminum alloy-shutterT=1.0-2.0mmAlloy
Skylighting panelsFRP T=1.5mm-1.8mmCoefficient of thermal expansion:2.2x10-5/cmLight Tranmitar 85%
VentilatorTurbine ventilator on a ridgeSteel,Stainless steel ,PCPaint or Hot dip Galvanized
GutterGalvanized steel plate,Stainless steel plateT=2.0mmHot dip galvanized
DownpipePVC pipe,color steelpipe Y=0.5mmDia110mmpaint
Hight BoltOrdinary ,High strength10.9S,4.8SHot dip galvanized,Steel
Ground boltsSteel RodM24,M27,M30,M33,M39,M4210.9S


Layout considerations

1. The site should be chosen away from residential areas, with convenient transportation and away from the road.

2. The terrain is dry and sunny. As far as possible, it is not blocked in winter, no wind in summer, and no water after rain. The area is large and there is room for development.

3. Water resources are rich and pollution-free, easy to access, and sufficient power is guaranteed.

4. The structure of the house is practical and economical. It not only saves funds but also saves energy. Its orientation is in line with local natural and physiological conditions. It is well lit, easy to ventilate and easy to operate. Summer is good for heatstroke prevention and cooling, and winter is good for heat preservation and cold protection.

5. The layout of the premises should be reasonable, so that the production area is separated from the non-production area. The non-production area and the water source are in the upwind direction of the chicken farm. The dirty road and the clean road are separated and do not cross. The manure field is located in the downwind direction of the chicken farm, and the brooding Separated from the breeding house, the brooding house is located in the upwind direction of the chicken farm.

6. Understand the local poultry epidemic situation and try to avoid infected areas or areas where there have been epidemics.

7. Avoid urban polluted areas and adopt appropriate environmental protection measures to minimize environmental pollution.

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