Prefabricated poultry house

Prefabricated poultry house
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The Prefabricated poultry house has a corresponding reduction in the load capacity of the foundation, which can greatly reduce the cost of the foundation and greatly reduce the cost of the civil foundation.

The construction period is short, and the construction period is shortened by about 1/3 compared with the traditional chicken house. It can speed up the construction period of the farm house, reduce the pressure of capital occupation, reduce the risk of market changes, and improve the investment efficiency of the farm.


1. Wide span: single span or multiple spans, the max span clear distance is 36m, without middle columns.

2. Low cost

3. Fast construction and easy in installation

4. Long term service life: more than 50 years.

5. Environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake resistance, water proofing, and energy saving

6. Light weight ,convenient for loading and transportation.

Main components:

Main Steel Frame

H section steel;Welding;Rust removing;Surface processing;Intensive bolt

Supporting System

Angle Brace; Cross Support; Belt Bar; Small Brace; Ordinary Bolt


Purlin; Out-roof Panel; Transparent lighting panel; Accessories; Edge Cover; Gutter; Rainspout


Purlin; Wall; Accessories; Edge Cover; Axial fan; Door & window

Main materials:

1 Q235 Q345 H section steel structure for columns and beam

2 pre-embeding anchor bolts for connection columns to founction

3 intensive bolts for connection tween columns and beams

4 wall/roof panel:one layer corrugated steelplate or sandwich panels

5 windows/doors:PVC,aluminum alloy,steel

6 color steel plate or galvanized steel gutters and PVC tubes for rain water

Packaging & Shipping

All the structure components, panels, bolts and sorts of accessories will be well packedwith standard package suitable for ocean transport and loaded into 40’HQ.

All the products are loaded at the loading site of our factory using crane and forklift byour skilled workers, who will prevent the goods to be damaged.

You can give us your detailed discription about the steel structure poultry you need, our engineer can design according to the information you give us.