Portable Double Car Garage Metal Frame Carport

Portable Double Car Garage Metal Frame Carport
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All steel or steel structures plus concrete structures have a short construction period.

Bolt connections are used between the various combinations. The design is simple and compact, and the assembly can be performed flexibly according to the actual length.

Access to the garage is convenient, without any mechanical transmission; the latter does not involve maintenance costs.

Use of venues: luxury hotels, hotels, bustling commercial areas, financial streets, airports, terminals, P+R, temporary land use, etc.

Available size for double car garage:

6.0m x 6.0m

6.0m x 7.4m

6.0m x 9.0m

6.0m x 12m

6.0m x 15m

6.0m x 18m

7.4m x 7.4m

7.4m x 9.0m

7.4m x 12m

7.4m x 15m

7.4m x 18m

9.0m x 9.0m

9.0m x 12m

9.0m x 15m

9.0m x 18m



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How To Enquiry?

1.Tell us the width (clear span) and the length you need, or how many people the tent contain.

2. With or without side walls (fabric encloses the tent).

3. Width from 4m to 40m is available, length is of no limit.

4. Either send us enquiry or call us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Are We A Factory Or A Trading Company?

We are a factory manufacturing and exporting folding tent, Soft roof top tent, Hard shell roof top tent, etc. for over 11 years,

and our products have enjoyed great popularity. We also act as a warehouse & distributor through our network.

What Are Our Advantages Over Others?

1. OEM and ODM services are available.

2. Competitive price & high quality

3. Color can be customized

4. Neither harmless to human body nor to the environment

5. Customized package is also welcomed

6. Sample is also available.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

You give us a chance, we give you a surprise!

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