Design Of Light Steel Structure House

Light steel housing, It has many characteristics, such as industrial production of residential components, saving steel, light weight and high strength, field assembly, construction efficiency, steel recovery and reuse, less wet work on construction site, energy saving and environmental protection, green and low carbon, and so on.

Product Details

Product Description

Product NameLight steel structure residence
Land of productionQingdao, China
ManufacturerQingdao Senwang
Steel columnH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
Steel beamH-section steel
Connecting beamCircular tube
Roof Purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

 Wall purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

 End Wall purline C Section Steel or Z Section Steel
Certification standardAISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
Connection modeWelding, bolted, or riveted joint
BoltFoundation bolt, High strengthen bolt, Normal bolts.
Seismic gradeGrade 8
Wind resistance gradeGrade 12
Service lifeMore than 50 years

Light steel structure residential product show

Light steel structure residence.jpg

Advantages of Light Steel structure Residential buildings

1. Short construction period: the biggest advantage of light steel structures is that all the components are prefabricated in advance in the factory, in the construction site only need simple splicing installation can, 

large shorten the construction period

2. Good comprehensive benefit: because of the short construction period, it can be put into use in advance, and can obtain the investment benefit in advance.

3. Good seismic performance: steel structure is a flexible structure, relatively light weight, so it can 

effectively reduce the damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes.

4. Demolition is more convenient: steel structure housing is composed of steel structure, can be removed in a very short time, and can be transported to a suitable place to reassemble, resulting in very little damage.

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