Prefab Steel Structure House

Prefab Steel Structure House
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We could provides the optimized solution to meet customer's request with our advanced design software which with Canada technology. We could do as per your design, also we have various design with different models for your further option.

Walls and roof framesGI cold section steel designed with advanced software. And automatic production.
Roofs and ceilings

1. Metal roof panel 75mm + 100mm roof insulation layer

2. Includes flash, screw, sealant

3.1-layer 12mm gypsum board

Wall board

1. Cultural stone exterior wall veneer 50 mm XPSG 100 mm insulation 12 mm plasterboard exterior wall board

2. 12mm OSB for wall substrates

3. 12 mm plasterboard on each side

4. Waterproof plasterboard for wet areas 5. Including flash and screws


1. Galvanized G450 200C part, 600mm thick, for floor beams

2.18mm OSB and 75mm floor insulation

3. 1 12mm fire proof plasterboard for floor ceilig

4. Including connection bolts and fasteners

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Because of excellent physical and chemical properties of steel and higher than other types of structure, steel residential buildings are less damaged in natural disasters. The outer shell of a steel structure house is made of high strength galvanized or aluminum-zinc steel that can resist corrosion. It also has the function of moisture-proof and insect-proof, which makes your living environment more safe and comfortable.

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