Span Steel Structure

Span Steel Structure
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Long-span steel structures generally refer to grid or pipe trusses or combined steel frame structures. The normal span of industrial structures is 12m to 24m. The span of 30m or more is relatively large. Large-span steel structures are generally used in large venues, industrial plants, platform shelters and other places.

Product description

Product categoryLarge-span steel structure
Range of useSteel structure warehouse and steel structure factory building
Steel columnH-section steel
steel beamH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
Steel typeq235,q345
Place of originQingdao, China
Service timeMinimum 50 years
MaterialCarbon structural steel
Steel plate thicknessCustomization
Steel per square meter30kg-50kg
Main frameworkWelded / hot-rolled H-section steel

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