Prefabricated High Rise Steel Building

prefabricated high rise steel building Product Description Advantages 1. We have a group of professional engineers, most of whom has more than 10 years’ experiences in architecture field. 2. Established for more than ten years, our company has got a various of experiences in design, manufacture,...

Product Details

Description of high-rise steel structure building

Product categorySteel structure
BrandQingdao Senwang
Floor heightAccording to your request
Steel typeq235,q345
Seismic gradeGrade 8
Wind resistance gradeGrade 12
Service lifeMore than 50 years
Certification standardAISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
Cladding systemEPS, PU, Fiber Glass and Rock Wool sandwich panels or corrugated steel sheet with fiber glass wool insulation. available in Diferentcolors&gauges
Connection modeWelding, bolted, or riveted joint
BoltFoundation bolt, High strengthen bolt, Normal bolts.
Surface protectionHot galvanizing or painting
Paint optionAlkyd paint, two main paints (grey paint, red paint, White paint, epoxy zinc, etc. Or galvanizing
Steel per square meter25kg-50kg

Advantages of tall Steel structure

(1) the strength of steel structure is high and the weight of structure is light.

Compared with concrete structure, steel structure beam and column cross section area is smaller, can increase effective service area, the section area of steel structure column of tall building is about 3% of the building area. The cross-sectional area of high-rise concrete structure accounts for 7- 9% of the building area.

(2) the construction speed of steel structure is fast.

Most of the components of steel structure are produced in the factory and transported to the site for integral assembly through welding or bolt connection. They can be operated all the time, because the steel structure itself can be used as a load bearing structure to reduce the formwork during construction. Therefore, it not only reduces the cost, but also speeds up the construction speed greatly. The construction speed of steel structure is about 1.5 times of that of concrete structure.

(3) less environmental pollution in steel structure construction

In the construction of steel structure, sand, stone, soil and cement are seldom used as materials, and the 

pollution problems such as dust rising, waste accumulation and noise are avoided from the root wood.

(4) the construction of steel structure conforms to the policy of sustainable development.

Steel structure industry is a green package environmental protection construction industry, it is relatively 

rational use of resources and energy, relatively less damage to the environment, it is a breakthrough to solve environmental problems. Steel is a kind of material with high recycling value, which can be recycled. For buildings of the same size, the amount of harmful gas emitted during the construction of steel structures is only 65% of that of concrete structures.

Application of high-rise steel structure building

High-rise steel structure as a new type of building system, widely used in residential, office, entertainment and other public buildings.

High-rise steel structure building display drawing

High-rise steel structure building.jpg

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Q1: What are your main products?

A: Our man products have prefab K house, T house, SHS house, H house, container house, light steel structure villa, steel structure warehouse, sentry box, sandwich panel and other constructive materials.

Q2: What will client provide before factory offers good quotation?

A: When we receive inquiry from client, client please fills purchasing intention sheet, providing us with information of house dimensions, draft drawing, layout and materials for prefabricated house. We will design the drawings and offer competitive quotation with the above information.

Q3: What are main materials of prefabricated house?

A: Our prefabricated house materials mainly include light steel structure, sandwich panel, roof tile, door, window, covers, screws and other accessories.

Q4: How you calculate the total area?

A: Industry calculation rule as below:

(1) house area = exterior house length X exterior house width X floor

(2) canopy area=exterior house length X 1/2 X canopy width

(3) staircase area = 4.5 sqm X quantity of staircase

(4) corridor area = exterior house length X corridor width

(5) total area = (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) + (5)