Prefabricated Warehouse Building Construction

1. Light weight: Save cost 2. Easy installation 3. Safety: Fire-proof materials

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Prefabricated Warehouse Building Construction

Due to its wide range of uses and obvious advantages, this Prefabricated Warehouse Building Construction has been widely used in single-layer industrial plants, multi-storey industrial plants, office buildings and non-load-bearing components in high-rise buildings. For single-storey industrial warehouses, H-beams are usually used as welded beams and columns, and C-shaped or Z-shaped light steel plates are used as the purlins. The roof system or floor system is made of pressed color steel plates as the surface layer. Concrete, profiled steel can be used as reinforcement, and if necessary, with reinforcement. Wall cladding can also be used with single-layer or laminated laminated steel panels, and the interior of the sandwich panels can be filled with various insulation layers.

Product Description

1. The materials for the envelope structure and roof structure of the steel structure workshop are: single laminated steel plate, double laminated steel plate, composite color steel plate, brick wall masonry, concrete large prefabricated roof panel, etc.

2. The enclosure structure is a component (including some accessories) that constitutes the building space and resists adverse environmental impacts. According to the position in the building, the enclosure structure is divided into a peripheral protection structure and an inner enclosure structure. The external protection structure includes external walls, roofs, side windows, outer doors, etc., to withstand wind and rain, temperature changes, solar radiation, etc., should have thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, moisture, fire, durability and other properties. The inner enclosure structure, such as partition walls, floor slabs and inner doors and windows, functions to separate the indoor space and should have sound insulation, line of sight and some special requirements. Enclosures usually refer to external enclosures such as exterior walls and roofs.

3. The roof structure refers to the mechanical system of the load-bearing members of the roof. Such as roof trusses, purlin support, roof slabs; roof beams, roof slabs, etc.






1. Short construction period: The great advantage of light steel structure is that all components can be installed on site by factory. It takes only 45 days to 2 months for the smaller industrial plants. For a reinforced concrete building, it will take about 8-12 months.


2. The installation is easy, the construction period is short, the labor cost is saved, and the investment recovery is fast. The components of the steel structure are basically produced in the factory, and the fasteners and bolts are usually installed on the site, and the construction period is short.


3. The self-weight of high-rise reinforced concrete buildings is about 1.5-2.0t/m2, and the steel structure of high-rise buildings is mostly below 1.0t/m2, and the low is only 0.5-0.6t/m2. Light weight can not only reduce transportation and lifting costs, but also reduce the basic cost. Buildings with more than 20 floors and steel structure have advantages.


4. Because steel has certain toughness and superior seismic performance, the steel beam/steel column constitutes a flexible frame that can withstand earthquakes above 8 degrees, so it is widely used in earthquake-prone countries such as Japan. The area occupied by the structure is saved, the area of use is increased, and the space utilization rate is high: compared with the similar reinforced concrete structure, the high-rise building steel structure can save 28% of the structure occupied area, thereby increasing the use area by about 4%.


5. The comprehensive economic benefits are good: due to the short construction period, it can be put into use in advance, and the investment benefits can be obtained in advance. Moreover, the use of colorful color profiled steel plates is beautiful and gorgeous, which improves the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment. Because the building itself has a light weight, it is generally not necessary to make a pile foundation, which can save investment. Because of the use of polystyrene foam sandwich panels or veneers plus insulation cotton and other measures, the insulation, heat insulation and chapters are good.


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