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Steel structure plant mainly refers to the main load-bearing members are composed of steel, including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof, steel roof.

Product Details

Steel structure factory parameters

product nameSteel structure factory
Place of productionQingdao, China
BrandQingdao Senwang
Steel columnH-section steel
Steel beamH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
Connecting beamCircular tube
Roof Purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

 Wall purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

 End Wall purline

 C Section Steelor Z Section Steel

Outer door

1. Double open overheated track sliding door 

2. Electric Roller door opens galvanized Steel

Inner door50mm thick EPS sandwich plate with aluminum alloy door frame
WindowPVC windows or aluminum window frames with glass.
Galvanized channel2mm thick galvanized steel channel
Downward nozzle110PVC fittings with nozzles
Horizontal supportCircular24 tube
 Knee-Bracing L Steel
 Column Bracing24 Circular Tube

Matters needing attention in Steel structure Factory

1. After the installation of a steel structure factory building, it shall not be allowed to change its structure privately, it may not remove any components such as bolts, and it may not add or reduce the partition wall. If it is necessary to change any part of the building, it must consult with the manufacturer. It is up to the manufacturer to decide whether or not to change. Steel structures must be maintained once with paint after about 3 years of use, thus giving architecture and beauty and safety. Steel factory buildings are connected by steel structural components, so use electrical equipment, such as wires and other application line slot tube isolation, to avoid electrical shock accidents.

2. the steel structure workshop must carry on the cleaning and the maintenance regularly, under the normal condition will need to carry on the inspection maintenance once a year. When cleaning the exterior wall of steel structure factory building, we should pay attention not to have disorder phenomenon, can not use steel wire ball, plate brush and other abrasive cleaning products, when using clean water should be washed from top to bottom. Steel structure factory building has branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleaned up in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble under the backlog. The steel structure workshop metal plate surface if has the damage to repair in time to prevent the sun and rain to corrode the metal plate surface. If it is necessary to use all high elastic nano-materials to protect metal roof panels, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproof, saving indoor air conditioning energy.

Advantages of steel structure factory

1. Features: fast, flexible assembly, safety, insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fire proof

2. High cost performance: quick and convenient installation greatly shorten the construction time, thus reducing the cost

3. Durability: the entire structure is easy to maintain and can be used for more than 50 years.

4. Perfect design: perfect design completely avoids leakage and seepage. At the same time, it also conforms to the national level of fire prevention

5. Bearing capacity: can resist the influence of strong wind and earthquake resistance and heavy snow load.

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