Prefabricated Heavy Steel Structure Hotel Building

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel structures are relatively low cost, and because steel structure materials can be disassembled and moved at any time, it is more environmentally friendly, and the strength of steel structure buildings is high. The construction speed of the steel structure with strong seismic performance is fast. A 1000 square meter building can be completed quickly in only 20 days and 5 workers, which is much faster than the traditional concrete building.

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Advantages of Steel Building

1. Compared with the traditional concrete structure, because of its small section and the same amount of steel used in the same frame, the concrete weight of the frame Liang Zhu is saved. Steel structure is 1 / 2 / 1 / 3 of the weight of steel reinforced concrete, which greatly reduces the load of foundation and the amount of concrete.  

2. Increase the utilization rate-because the steel structure column section size is small, compared with the concrete column, the section is smaller than 50%, and the open space dimension is flexible, this will increase the effective use area product of 6 or 8%, also can realize the internal space free division.  

3. The development of steel structure housing will promote the emergence of new building materials of high quality and high performance, and will promote the development of new wall materials, new doors and windows, its supporting products and other new environmental protection building materials industry.  

4. The construction precision is high-a large number of standardized steel members are mechanized, all of which are completed in the factory, so the construction precision of the members is high and the quality is good compared with the concrete structure casted on the spot. The characteristics of steel structure can make the building light and transparent, and can realize the large-span space modeling and the local complex creativity.  

5. Energy-saving-steel housing with new wall materials can improve energy efficiency 50%. At present, the quantity, variety and quality of building steel in our country can basically meet the needs of steel structure residential building.

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