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Steel structure frame is one of the main building types as long as it is mainly made of steel. Compared with the traditional coagulant diagram, the strength of steel is high, and the characteristics of steel are high strength, light weight ratio and large stiffness. The steel material is a kind of ideal elastomer with good homogeneity and good ductility, good toughness and strong deformation ability, so it can bear the dynamic load very well, at the same time, the sheet accords with the assumption of general engineering mechanics, and the material has good ductility, toughness and strong deformation ability.

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Advantages of steel structure building

1. The flexibility of steel structure is good in earthquake resistance, and it can absorb and consume a great deal of seismic force by allowing deformation, thus reducing the damage to buildings caused by earthquake force. Steel structure plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the safety of people's lives in the earthquake. 

2. Compared with the traditional concrete building, the steel structure can save the concrete weight of the frame beam because of the smaller section of the members and the same amount of steel used in the same frame. The weight of a steel structure is 2 / 1 to 3 / 1 of the weight of reinforced concrete, which greatly reduces the load on the foundation, reduces the amount of concrete, and thus reduces the cost of your investment. 

3. All the components needed for the steel structure building are completed in the mass production of the factory. The mass production in the factory can effectively improve the production speed and at the same time ensure the accuracy of the components. After the factory has completed the production of the components and transported them to the construction site, It only needs a simple assembly to complete the work, which reduces the working time on site and improves the efficiency.

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