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The main material of steel structure factory building is steel structure, the workshop mainly consists of steel beam, steel column and other components made from section steel and steel plate. The process of remanufacturing also adopts silane, pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying with water, galvanizing and so on. Welded, bolted, or riveted connections are commonly used between frames or components, because steel structures are lighter in weight than in traditional concrete buildings and are relatively easy to construct. So it is widely used in large factories, stadiums and super high-rise buildings and so on.

Product Details

Basic parameters of low cost steel structure factory

Product categorySteel structure
Product nameSteel structure workshop
Place of originQingdao
BrandQingdao Senwang
Outer door

1. Double open overheated track sliding door 

2. Electric Roller door opens galvanized Steel

Inner door50mm thick EPS sandwich plate with aluminum alloy door frame
WindowPVC windows or aluminum window frames with glass.
Steel per square meter25kg-50kg
Seismic gradegrade 8
Wind resistance gradegrade 12 
Surface protectionHot galvanizing or painting
Paint optionAlkyd paint, two main paints (grey paint, red paint, White paint, epoxy zinc, etc. Or galvanizing
Connection modeWelding, bolted, or riveted joint
BoltBase bolt, high strength bolt, ordinary bolt
Certification standardAISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

Advantages of Steel structure Factory Building

1. Because the steel structure factory building is composed of steel structural components produced in the factory, and the construction period is relatively short, many unnecessary on-site stirring and pouring processes are reduced in the construction site, and a large number of formwork is not required in the 

construction. The construction site is clean and tidy 

2. Because the weight of the steel structure is relatively light and the damage to the land resources is relatively small, after the party building has reached its useful life, most of the scrap formed after the demolition of the steel structure factory building can be remanufactured by the furnace. Recycling of resources can be achieved 

3. The energy saving efficiency can be increased by 50% in the steel structure residence with new wall material. At present, the quantity, variety and quality of building steel in our country can basically meet the needs of steel structure residential building. In recent years, the government has strengthened the policy guidance and support to the steel structure housing, the steel structure housing technology is developing day by day, has already met the development steel structure housing condition: has the market demand. The advantages of steel residential buildings are light weight, fast construction, high space utilization, good seismic performance, flexible interior layout, small construction site and so on, which are often favored by developers. Especially when the project has one or more of the above specific requirements, the use of steel structure will become an inevitable choice.

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