Prefab Design Steel Structure Warehouse

The steel structure warehouse refers to the steel structure form which is formed by connecting steel plate and hot rolled steel, cold formed or welded section to bear load and transfer load. The exterior wall of steel structure warehouse generally uses wall panel, and the wall surface is double layer color steel veneer. The intermediate uses glass cotton to carry on the core heat preservation, the cold proof and the fire resistance performance is excellent, the cost is relatively low is your good choice

Product Details

Low price steel structure warehouse data

Product name2017 Low Price Construction Design Steel Structure Warehouse
Main steel frameQ235 Q345H steel beams and columns, varnished or galvanized, galvanized C-shaped or steel tubes
Secondary frameworkGalvanized C Pur strip, steel support, tie bar, knee support, edge covering, etc.
Roof panelEPS sandwich, glass fiber sandwich, rock wool sandwich panel and Pu sandwich or steel plate
Pull rodCircular steel pipe
Wall boardSandwich or corrugated steel plate
SupportR ound Bar
Knee protectionAngle steel
DoorSliding sandwich door or rolling metal door
Connection modePost bolt, reinforcement bolt, reinforcement bolt
Service lifeMore than 50 years
Our certificationISO 9001&CE authentication
Surface treatmentPainting or galvanizing

Advantages of low price steel structure warehouse

1.Most of the materials used in the steel structure warehouse are all kinds of steel. The strength of the steel is higher, and the ductility and toughness are higher than the traditional building materials.

2.Steel structure warehouse so the components are prefabricated in advance in the factory, in the construction site only a simple assembly can be installed, thus greatly reducing the construction time required

3.The cost is reasonable, the weight of steel structure is light, the cost of foundation is reduced, and the construction speed is fast, which can be put into production as soon as possible, and the comprehensive economic benefit is much better than that of concrete structure building.

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