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The steel structure warehouse is usually composed of steel beam, steel column, steel truss and so on, and the welds, bolts or rivets are used to connect each member or component. Some steel junctions are also made of steel hinges, wire ropes or wire bundles, and cast steel. Steel structure warehouses are superior to traditional concrete warehouses in design, construction, use, and other comprehensive economic advantages

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High-rise steel structure warehouse data

ProjectHigh-rise steel structure warehouse
Manufacturing materialCold rolled steel, SECC, SGCC, Al-Zn alloy coated steel, galvanized steel, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, etc.
Surface treatmentpowder coating, painting, galvanizing, electroplating, anodising, chromeplating, brushing, polishing, silk-screen, printing
Service TypeOEM / ODM
Quality monitoringComputer quality control system
ApplianceAutomatic machine, Medical device, Industrial machine, Automoblie, Electric appliance, Aluminum die casting, Pulic equipment, etc
SizeAccording to your request,


1.standard C section steel, square steel, sandwich board, the heat preservation performance is good, the ability of resisting natural disaster is strong.

2.The construction of the steel structure warehouse greatly reduces the amount of sand, stone and ash. The materials used are not wind-free and can be recycled or degraded by 100%. When dismantled, most of the materials can be reused many times. Not too much garbage.

3.Meet the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development. Steel structure is suitable for mass production in factories, high degree of industrialization, and can be energy saving, waterproof, heat insulation, windows and doors and other advanced products in one, complete sets of applications, design, production, construction integration, improve the level of construction industry.

4.The total weight of the building is light and the steel structure is light, which is about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the cost of the foundation.

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