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The Australian Steel Warehouse is a lightweight steel warehouse that we produced in Australia in 2017. The warehouse was designed by a number of designers in our company, most of whom have been engaged in steel structure design for more than 10 years, and the warehouse we designed has been recognized by Australian customers. In the end, we were chosen among a number of steel structure companies.

Product categorySteel structure
Range of useSteel structure warehouse
Place of originQingdao,china
Steel typeq235b,q345b
Steel per square meter25-50kg
Steel plate thicknessTailored to your needs
SpecificationsCustomize according to your drawings.
MaterialCarbon structural steel
Seismic gradeGrade 8
Wind resistance gradeGrade 12
Service lifeMore than 50 years
Paint optionAlkyd paint, two main paints (gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc, etc.). Or galvanizing
DoorRolling door or sliding door

Advantages of Steel structure Warehouse

1.Light weight: the strength of steel is high and the flexibility is high. Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete building, it has high strength, light weight, good rigidity of all rigid frames and strong formability. Building weight is only 1/5 of the brick and concrete structure, can resist 70 meters per second typhoon, so that life and wealth can achieve strong maintenance.

2.Economy: the formation of steel structure is very simple, and its weight is very light, so its total cost is 1/3 of the general concrete structure, so its total cost is 1/3 of the general building structure. Operating profit is 1/3 of the general structure. Comparison: concrete structure: 800-1500 yuan / square meter; mobile room: 220 yuan / square meter; steel structure: 260-500 yuan / square meter, greatly control the cost. The formation of steel structure is very simple, and the weight is very light, so its total cost is 1/3 of the general reinforced concrete structure.

3.The construction is convenient and the construction period is short. It can be widely produced and installed on the spot. Because of the small amount of field work and the less pollution to the surrounding environment, the construction mechanization degree is high, and the construction speed is accelerated. According to statistics, the steel structure of the same area of buildings can shorten the construction period by 1 / 3 than that of the concrete structure, and can save the supporting materials.

4. Design and manufacturing cycle is short, design and production integration. The modern structural design makes the design cycle greatly shortened by means of computer and specialized structural analysis software, and the modification and adjustment in the design is very convenient. At the same time, because the light steel structure has the characteristics of factory prefabrication and on-site installation, through the combination of computer and CNC machine tools, the designer can complete the design in the studio, that is, the production line is completed by the factory production line, which has high efficiency and precision. Can greatly reduce the project construction cycle.

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