Light Steel Structure Manufacturers Steel Structure Warehouse

skeleton, then uses the colored steel tile as the roof plate, uses the welding, the bolt, the self-tapping nail connection from the new type warehouse. The industrial production level of light steel structure warehouse is relatively high, the installation is quick, the material used is less harmful to the environment than the price, and the steel structure material can be reused many times, thus achieving the purpose of protecting the ecological environment now.

Product Details

Light Steel Structure Manufacturers Steel Structure Warehouse

Product categorySteel structure
MaterialLow alloy high strength structural steel
Place of originQingdao, China
Steel plate thickness 6-20(mm)
Steel typeq235
Steel per square meter20-50(kg)
Range of useOutdoor
Seismic gradeGrade 8
Wind resistance gradeGrade 12

Advantages of Light Steel structure Warehouse

1.The lightweight steel warehouse can satisfy the flexible partition of the large space in the building more than the traditional concrete building, and can increase the utilization rate of the area by reducing the section area of the column and using the light wall board. The effective use area in the household can be increased by about 6%

2.Light steel structure warehouse will give full play to the extensibility of steel, plastic deformation ability, 

good seismic and wind resistance, greatly improve the safety and reliability of the warehouse. Especially in the case of earthquake, typhoon and other natural disasters, the steel structure can effectively avoid the collapse of the building damage.

3.In the construction of light steel structure warehouse, the amount of sand, stone and ash is greatly reduced. Most of the steel structure materials used are green materials, which can be recycled or degradable. When the warehouse is dismantled, Most of the material can be used many times and will not cause garbage.

Light steel structure warehouse display

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