Low Price Steel Structure Warehouse Design 2017

With the development of steel structure building, steel structure warehouse has become the mainstream choice of enterprises, gradually replacing the traditional concrete warehouse. The steel structure has brought great benefits and benefits to the enterprise's input cost and safety performance.

Product Details

Parameters of low price steel structure warehouse

Product nameLow price steel structure warehouse
Product categorySteel structure
Range of useSteel structure warehouse
Land of productionQingdao
ManufacturerQingdao Senwang
Valuation modeUs $/ m2
Steel columnH-section steel
Steel beamH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
Connecting beamCircular tube
Roof Purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

Connecting beam

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

Roof Purline

C Section Steelor Z Section Steel

Seismic gradeGrade 8
Wind resistance gradeGrade 12
Service lifeMore than 50 years

Advantages of low price steel structure warehouse

1.Submit the steel structure warehouse plan you need to us. We will have a special technical team to design and manufacture for you. We will transport the steel structure components to your installation site to reduce the construction time

2.Because most of the steel warehouses are prefabricated, depending on the technical level of the construction staff on the site, the construction time can be reduced by 30% -50% or more, thus reducing the cost of your labor force.

3.Steel structure warehouse can save maintenance, repair and replacement procedure greatly during its service life, so the cost of building maintenance of steel structure warehouse will be lower.

Pictures of low price steel structure warehouse

2017 Steel structure Warehouse.jpg

2017 Steel structure Warehouse.jpg

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