Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Building Plans

prefabricated workshop large span steel structure warehouse is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of panels and other components such as windows and doors. Light steel structure building is widely used in warehouses, workshops, large factories, and so on.

Product Details

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Building Plans


Product categorySteel structure
Place of originQingdao
Steel columnH-section steel
Steel beamH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
BoltFoundation bolt, High strengthen bolt, Normal bolts.
Service lifeMore than 50 years
WindowPVC windows or aluminum window frames with glass.
Roof Purlin

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

Advantages of Steel structure Warehouse

1. All the materials of the steel structure warehouse are steel structure, the steel structure has light weight, good seismic performance, good ductility, can consume the energy brought by the earthquake better, so the seismic performance is good, and the structure safety is high. The material is homogeneous and isotropic, it belongs to the ideal elastic body, which accords with the basic assumption of general engineering mechanics; the light steel structure has light weight, the same building floor with the same building area, and the light steel structure residential space utilization ratio is high.  

2. Steel structure warehouse is convenient in construction and short in construction period. It can be widely produced and installed on site. Because of the small amount of field work and less pollution to the surrounding environment, at the same time, the degree of mechanization of construction is high, and the construction speed is accelerated. According to statistics, the steel structure of the same area of buildings can shorten the construction period by 1 / 3 than that of the concrete structure, and can save the supporting materials and make use of the space. Compared with the reinforced concrete structure, the steel structure has a small section and can increase the effective area of the building by about 8%. Steel structure architecture style is also more flexible and rich, indoor space can be divided into multiple cases, can meet the needs of different users.  

3. Sustainable development of light steel structure industrialization is high, suitable for mass production in factories, energy saving, waterproof, heat insulation, windows and doors and other advanced finished products in one, complete sets of applications, design, production, construction-body, to improve the level of industrialization Steel can be recycled after scrap, steel structure building is a green building, is a new type of building to adapt to our human sustainable development strategy.

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