Prefabricated Steel Structures Pdf

member is composed of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss (of course, steel structure warehouse span is relatively large, basically are now steel roof truss, steel roof, pay attention to steel structure wall can also be used brick wall maintenance. The steel structure warehouse has excellent properties such as high fire resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy moving, no pollution recovery, good environmental protection and so on.

Product Details

Prefabricated Steel Structures Pdf

Product Description

Steel columnH-section steel
Steel beamH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
Connecting beamCircular tube
Place of originQingdao
Service lifeMore than 50 years
Paint optionAlkyd paint, two main paints (grey paint, red paint, White paint, epoxy zinc, etc. Or galvanizing
Steel plate thicknessTailored to your needs
SpecificationsCustomize according to your drawings.

Advantages of Steel structure Warehouse

1.The steel structure system used in the storage building can give full play to the ductility of the steel structure, the plastic deformation ability, and the excellent anti-seismic and wind-resistant performance. The seismic grade of the surface steel structure warehouse is up to 8 grade after a large amount of data monitoring. Wind resistance grade is up to 12, greatly improve the safety and reliability of housing. Especially in the case of earthquake and typhoon, the steel structure can avoid the collapse of the building damage.  

2.Good environmental protection. Steel structure residential construction greatly reduced the amount of sand, stone, ash, the material used is mainly green, recycling or degradation of materials, in the demolition of buildings, most of the materials can be reused or degraded, will not cause garbage. Meet the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development. Steel structure is suitable for mass production in factories, high degree of industrialization, and can be energy saving, waterproof, heat insulation,windows and doors and other advanced finished products in one, complete sets of applications, design,production, construction integration, improve the level of the construction industry.  

3.Compared with the ordinary reinforced concrete structure, the steel structure is homogeneous, high strength, fast construction speed, good seismic resistance and higher recovery superiority. The strength and elastic modulus of steel are many times higher than that of brick and concrete, so under the same load conditions, The weight of steel member is light. From the point of view of failure, the steel structure is a large deformation in advance, belongs to the ductile damage structure, can detect the danger in advance, thus avoiding.

Warehouse storage show

Steel structure warehouse

Steel structure warehouse

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