Customized Prefab Steel Warehouse

Due to the great development of iron and steel, iron and steel is an ideal construction material for warehouses. Through investigation, it is found that steel construction materials account for 71% of the new commercial building market and 95% of the industry. Therefore, steel structure warehouses are used more and more now.

Product Details

Basic parameters of Steel structure Warehouse



Material Grade



Yours requirements

Framelight steel


50mm-120mmEPS, PU, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel


50mm-120mmEPS, PU, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel

wall purlin

C140*50*20*2.3, galvanized, Q235


Sliding or rolling door


Aluminium alloy window

roof purlin

C140*50*20*2.3, galvanized, Q235

Surface Treatment

Shot blasting with anti rust paint or hot dip galvanize

Delivery Term

Within 30 days after receiving deposit


According yours requirement,usually bundle with steel strip

Delivery Container


Our Experience

Have exported for 6 years,clients from all over the world

Advantages of Steel structure Warehouse

1.Compared with the traditional concrete buildings, the steel structure warehouse is more urgent to resist the natural disasters such as snow and earthquake. Through the investigation, it can be found that the steel structure warehouse will not be greatly damaged after the natural disaster. Usually after a natural disaster, people tend to move to buildings with steel structures such as sports halls.

2.As a result of extensive data surveys, building owners and buyers of products and services increasingly need green buildings, and steel structures are a sustainable building product. The steel structure warehouse uses renewable materials in production, and it can be used many times after complete demolition to achieve the goal of environmental protection.

3.Since the steel components needed for steel structure production are completed in the factory, only steel structural components can be installed in the construction site, so a lot of construction cycle will be saved.

Our production steel structure warehouse

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