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Steel structure warehouse is mainly composed of steel materials and is one of the main warehouse types. The steel structure warehouse is mainly composed of steel beam, steel column and other components made of steel section and steel plate. Welding, bolt connection or rivet connection are generally used among each member. The steel structure material has been widely used because of its light weight and relatively simple construction.

Product Details

Basic parameters of steel structure warehouse

Product categorySteel structure
Product materialCarbon steel structure
Product originQingdao, China
Brand nameSenWang
Steel plate thickness5-30(mm)
Product specificationAccording to the drawing
Steel typeq235,q345
Steel per square meterApproximate 50kg
Environmental performanceExcellent

Advantages of Steel structure Warehouse

Compared with other construction, steel structure has advantages in use, design, construction and comprehensive economy, low cost, can be moved at any time, and is more environmentally friendly, so it has been widely recognized by people. The steel structure warehouse has the advantages of overall light, saving foundation, less material, low cost, short construction period, large span, safe and reliable, beautiful shape, stable structure and so on

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Q1:How you calculate the total area?

A: Industry calculation rule as below:

(1) house area = exterior house length X exterior house width X floor

(2) canopy area=exterior house length X 1/2 X canopy width

(3) staircase area = 4.5 sqm X quantity of staircase

(4) corridor area = exterior house length X corridor width

(5) total area = (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) + (5)

Q2: What drawing of house will factory supply?

A: Plan drawing, elevation drawing, sectional drawing, foundation drawing, installation drawing.

Q3:How many types of sandwich panel do you have?

A: We have EPS(polystyrene)sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, and PU(polyurethane)sandwich panel.The characteristics of your sandwich panels respectively:

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