Substantial Structure Steel Work Steel Structure Warehouse Design Pdf

substantial structure steel work steel structure warehouse design pdf Product Description Advantages 1. We have a group of professional engineers, most of whom has more than 10 years’ experiences in architecture field. 2. Established for more than ten years, our company has got a various of...

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substantial structure steel work steel structure warehouse design pdf

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1. Simple construction and short construction period: all components are prefabricated in the factory, and the site is simply assembled, which greatly shortens the construction period. A 6,000 square meter building can be basically installed in 40 days.

2. Durable and easy to repair: The steel structure designed by the general computer can resist the harsh weather and requires simple maintenance.

3. Beautiful and practical: the steel structure building line is simple and smooth, with a modern sense. The color wall panels are available in a variety of colors, and the walls are available in other materials for greater flexibility.

4. Reasonable cost: The steel structure has light weight, reduces the basic cost, and has a fast construction speed. It can be completed and put into operation as soon as possible, and the comprehensive economic benefits are much better than the concrete structure.


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1. Light weight: Save cost

2. Easy installation

3. Safety: Fire-proof materials

4. Good sound insulation

5. Meet specials designs due to it is easy to form and cut



Warehouse, temporary office/buiding, gymansia, villa, mobile building, guard booth, wall & roof materials for steel building or structure.


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we are big group factory and have more than 25 years experience of steel structure warehouse project The first design&Engineering Service,Excellent product and perfect has won the praise of customers and want to cooperate with more and more friends and customer  add our team .